This document is developed within the framework of the TransFormWork Project „Social partners together for digital transformation of the world of work. New dimensions of social dialogue deriving from the Autonomous Framework Agreement on Digitalization“ – VS/2021/0014
It outlines some key terms and definitions relating to the adoption of digital technologies in the context of EU and OECD documents. The main goal is to provide understanding of the digital transformation concept, frameworks and strategies, specifying their key elements and stages.
Value – the document provides a platform for further empirical investigation of the level of a company’s digital transformation and social partner’s role in this process.
Practical implications – the review of the evidence will be used to develop requirements and guidance for trade union and employer organizations to enable them to support their members within the context of digital transformation. A research instrument for a survey among business sector representatives can be developed using the findings of the given study, in particular, for structuring the questionnaire’s blocks.

Digital Transformation Concept Note