The V SC meeting took place on 21 June 2022 and 18 participants took part in the meeting from all co-beneficiary and associated organizations. The meeting was hosted by The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry following the very successful Second European Round Table which was carried out the previous day. Joe Tanti, the chief executive officer of the Malta Business Bureau opened the meeting and addressed the participants on behalf of the Maltese social partners.

Agenda of the Vth SC meeting of the project

21 June 2022, 9:00 – 14:00

Venue: The Malta Chamber, Exchange Buildings 64, Republic Street, Valletta

 Working language: EN

Participating organizations: CITUB, BIA, SEK, OEB, ETTK, SIPTU, Malta Chamber, ETUC, Concordia, LO Sweden, Ibec, GWU, MBB



9.00 Welcome and introduction Joe Tanti, MBB
9.15 An overview of the implemented activities in the framework of
TransFormWork project
Ina Atanasova, CITUB
9.30 Presentation of the National reports on the second stage of the research Representative of each co-beneficiary organization (app. 15
min. each)
10.45 Preliminary conclusions and recommendations for the national Reports on
the second stage of the research
Rositsa Antova, ISTUR/CITUB
Coffee break
11:15 Guidelines for the third stage of the research – content/deadlines Rositsa Antova, ISTUR/CITUB
11:4512:00 Planning the date, venue, content, speakers of the Third European Round
TableThe National Info Days – short presentation of the implemented
National Info Days
Kevin P. O’Kelly, SIPTU
12:15 Representative of each co-beneficiary organization
12:40 Administrative and financial issues Ina Atanasova, CITUB
13:00 Lunch