Second SC meeting

The Second SC meeting was carried out on 22 June 2021 and was attended by all co-beneficiary organizations and four of the associated organizations. During the meeting the following major items were discussed: the desk research – first outcomes, some initial conclusions, problems/restrains; the website of the project (it was presented and all the partners were able to make suggestions and comments on its content); the first round table (it was decided that the First Round Table would be carried out in the first half of September in Malta – organized by the Malta Chamber with the support of Malta Business Bureau and General Workers’ Union)

The first meeting of the Project Research Team


The first meeting of the Project Research Team took place on 18 May 2021 via Zoom. All the researchers from the co-beneficiary organizations and the Research Team Leader – Lyuboslav Kostov made some final remarks/comments on the Research framework and especially the first stage of the research – the desk research and also set the deadline for completing the first stage to be the end of July. The Research Team also discussed the Digital Transformation Concept Note (see category “Research) developed by Prof. Shoikova (developed to assist the common background and understanding of the concepts and terms)



The kick-off meeting of the project TransFormWork was carried out on 26.03.2021 via Zoom. It was attended by 34 members of the project team from all co-beneficiary, associated and affiliated organizations. The new project was officially launched and presented by the president of CITUB – Mr. Plamen Dimitrov. Rebekah Smith (BusinessEurope) presented the new dimensions of social dialogue in Europe deriving from the Autonomous Framework Agreement on Digitalization.

The SC meeting put the foundations of the future cooperation and joint activities within the project by establishing the Project Research Team and the Project Management Team, by presenting the project aims, expected results, time frame, workpackages, roles and responsibilities of each co-beneficiary and associated organization, the framework of the research, the financial guidelines and administration procedures, the dissemination and evaluation plans.