Founded in 1943, the GWU is the biggest Trade Union in Malta, with the most significant number of members from every sector of the economy. It has always respected and defended the workers’ interests. Over the years, it has improved working conditions and workers’ quality of life both at work and outside.

The GWU offers collective trading on pay and conditions, direct involvement when changes at your workplace occur, full participation in union political strategy, Legal advice and services, Personal and collective representation, Health and safety, Equality, Stability at the workplace, Continuous training, Membership value, Training initiatives for members with over 60 courses accredited by two institutions.

The work of the Union is continuous, but the priority always remains to follow the beliefs it holds.

The Union’s Beliefs are based on Social Justice, Equality of opportunity, Free and decent living, Work for all, Right to free choice of employment, Health and safety, Stability at work, and the Right to be represented by a Union.