Социалните партньори заедно за дигиталната
трансформация на труда. Нови измерения на социалния
диалог, произтичащи от Автономното рамково
споразумение по дигитализация“
TransFormWork VS/2021/0014




Да се проучи националния контекст, съществуващите стратегии и методологии, свързани с прилагането на Рамковото споразумение на европейските социални партньори по дигитализация, предизвикателствата пред социалния диалог, произтичащи от дигиталната трансформация в  света на труда, новите възможности представени от дигитализацията

Сравнителен анализ

Да се ​​направи сравнителен анализ на тенденциите в страните партньори

Повишаване осведомеността

Да се повиши осведомеността относно резултатите от европейския автономен социален диалог и да се подобри на разбирането на работодателите, работниците и техните представители за възможностите и предизвикателствата в света на труда, произтичащи от дигиталната трансформация


Обмяна на опит

В контекста на Рамковото споразумение на европейските социални партньори за дигитализация да се обменят опит и примери за добри практики и да се очертае ролята на социалните партньори и социалния диалог в този процес


Каталог на добрите практики

Да се ​​разработи „Каталог на добрите практики“, за да се помогне на организациите на работодателите и работниците да се възползват взаимно от възможностите и да се справят с предизвикателствата чрез партньорски подход


Организиране на дискусии

Да се организират дискусии и обмен между представители на работниците и работодателите относно ролята на социалния диалог в контекста на новите му измерения на национално и транснационално ниво чрез обмен на информация и примери за добри практики

Насърчаване на добри практики

Да се насърчат добрите практики и положителните резултати от дигиталната трансформация, както и ролята и въздействието, които социалният диалог може да играе за процеса на социално развитие и икономическите резултати в страните партньори и други държави членки на ЕС


Проучване на необходимостта

Да се ​​проучи необходимостта от изменение на съществуващите национални правни рамки, за да се подобри прилагането на Рамковото споразумение на европейските социални партньори по  дигитализация и да се направят предложения пред съответните институции.


Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA)

The Bulgarian Industrial Association – Union of the Bulgarian Business (BIA) is a voluntary, non-profit and non-governmental organization of the Bulgarian industry, established on 25 April 1980. BIA is an umbrella organization with a matrix structure, vertically representing the branch (sector) oriented organization and horizontally the regional and municipal organizations.

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Estonian Employers’ Confederation (ETKL)

We believe that private sector employers are the key to the development of Estonia and the welfare of its people. Realising this responsibility, we have intentionally taken an active role in improving life in Estonia. The Estonian Employers’ Confederation stands for a vital Estonia, being the voice of employers in Estonia and internationally.

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Malta Chamber

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry is the independent voice of the private sector in Malta. Its principal mission is to actively represent companies from all economic sectors and ensure that entrepreneurs enjoy the best competitive environment and regulatory conditions possible for the conduct of business.

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Cyprus Workers’ Confederation (SEK)

Brief History

The Cyprus Workers Confederation-SEK, established in 1944, is one of the most important social partners in Cyprus within the framework of tripartite cooperation.
SEK represents through its affiliated unions, workers in all sectors of the country’s economic activity. The mass of members comes from the private sector, but SEK also represents the majority of workers in semi-governmental utilities and services and local authorities, as well as blue-collar public employees.

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Асоциирани организации


BusinessEurope is the leading advocate for growth and competitiveness at European level, standing up for companies across the continent and actively campaigning on the issues that most influence their performance.

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Concordia Employers’ Confederation represents 14 of the most important sectors in the Romanian economy and it is a social dialogue partner, representative at national/cross-sectoral level.

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Ibec is Ireland’s largest lobby and business representative group. Our purpose is to help build a better, sustainable future by influencing, supporting and delivering for business success. With over 230 employees, Ibec engages with key stakeholders in Ireland and internationally through our six regional offices and our Brussels office, along with an extensive international network in the UK and US.

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The General Workers Union (GWU) – Malta

Founded in 1943, the GWU is the biggest Trade Union in Malta, with the most significant number of members from every sector of the economy. It has always respected and defended the workers’ interests. Over the years, it has improved working conditions and workers’ quality of life both at work and outside.

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Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (CSE)

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise produces concrete proposals for measures and reforms that improve the business climate. We provide knowledge and inform opinion. We seek to influence politicians and other decisionmakers. We represent business in discussions with unions and authorities. We give Swedish business a voice in the EU.

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Affiliated entity

Malta Business Bureau

The Malta Business Bureau represents the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) in Brussels and Malta. It does so by liaising directly with the European institutions, the Maltese Permanent Representation and with umbrella organisations such as BusinessEurope, Eurochambers and Hotrec on all policy and funding issues affecting Maltese business interests.

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Новини и събития

Second SC meeting

Second SC meeting

The Second SC meeting was carried out on 22 June 2021 and was attended by all co-beneficiary organizations and four of the associated organizations. During the meeting the following major items were discussed: the desk research – first outcomes, some initial...



The kick-off meeting of the project TransFormWork was carried out on 26.03.2021 via Zoom. It was attended by 34 members of the project team from all co-beneficiary, associated and affiliated organizations. The new project was officially launched and presented by the...

Екип на проекта

Maria Theodorou

Project Coordinator
Head of Research and European Programmes Service

Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB)

Lena Panayiotou

Director / Industrial Relations & Social Policy Department

Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB)

Paraskevas Anastasiou

Head / International Relations & Event Management Service

Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB)

Linda Larsson

Project Researcher

Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO)


Project Coordinator

Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO)

Brian McGann

Project Coordinator

Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union (SIPTU)

Kevin P O’Kelly

Project Researcher

Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union (SIPTU)

Raul Aron


Estonian Employers’ Confederation (ETKL)

Johanna Odes

Communication specialist and project coordinator

Estonian Employers’ Confederation (ETKL)

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