The Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB) is the most representative national employer organization, politically independent, with a mission to promote and support the benefits of Cypriot businesses in Cyprus, in the European Union (EU) and internationally.

OEB is recognized by all official bodies, committees, councils, forums and institutions, as the leading institution and voice of Cypriot businesses. The statutory objectives of OEB include the continued economic and social progress of Cyprus, the country’s participation in decision-making bodies in the EU that affect the economy, the promotion of private initiative, the promotion of innovation, gender equality and female entrepreneurship and leadership, as well as to guide and assist businesses in achieving complete professionalism, become competitive and socially responsible.

OEB was founded in 1960 by 19 pioneering entrepreneurs. Today, its members are active in all sectors of the economy and employ more than 60% of the private sector’s workforce. OEB is a pancyprian independent organization comprising of 100 of the main professional/ sectoral Associations as well as hundreds of companies from the Manufacturing, Services, Commercial, Construction and Agricultural Sectors. In total, OEB has more than 10.000 Member/Enterprises.

Mission and objectives

  • To create and maintain a favorable business environment which allows the unhindered operation of Cypriot enterprises to generate competitive products and services.
  • To maintain the equilibrium of power between the business community, trade unions and other organizations acting as pressure groups in Cyprus’ pluralistic decision-making system.
  • To offer Cypriot companies the up-to-date, specialized services required to meet the demands of a challenging economic environment through its Secretariat and member Organizations. Training and leadership development are also of particular importance.
  • To be pioneer in the topics of energy and environment
  • To monitor social, political and economic developments as well as the functioning of State Bodies.
  • To represent Cypriot companies and promote their views in Cyprus and abroad, particularly in the European Union and the International Labour Organisation.

Fulfilling its mission and objectives

In order to fulfill its mission and achieve its objectives OEB is active on a multifaceted front:

  • Demarches to the Government, House of Representatives and Trade Unions on economic, labour, business, European, tax, environmental, energy, legislative and social issues.
  • Participates in official tripartite and other committees where it puts forward the views of the business community in a precise and well-founded manner in order to avert one-sided developments or decisions that are against its members’ interests.
  • Informs and shapes public opinion by projecting the views of the business community so that they can be easily understood and taken seriously into consideration by the Government, the Parliament and other decision-making bodies in the formulation of their policies.
  • Co-operates with organisations of Employers/Entrepreneurs of other Countries, thus contributing to the development of Cyprus’ international economic and business ties.
  • Constantly upgrades and enhances the services offered to Members based on their needs and adapted according to local, European or International conditions/trends.

OEB aims to influence decision-making bodies in a way that will help create an economic environment that encourages business activities to the benefit of the society as a whole.

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Project Coordinator

Mrs. Maria Theodorou
Head of Research and European Programmes Service


Ms. Lena Panayiotou
Industrial Relations & Social Policy Department


Mr. Paraskevas Anastasiou
International Relations & Event Management Service