Dear Respondent,

The digital transformation brings clear benefits for both employers and workers. It also comes with challenges and risks as some tasks will disappear and many others will change. This requires the anticipation of change, the delivery of skills needed for workers and enterprises to succeed in the digital age. The European Social Partners Framework Agreement on Digitalisation is a shared commitment of the European cross-sectoral social partners to optimise the benefits and deal with the challenges of digitalisation. National level social partners  have a responsibility towards adapting labour market conditions, education and training, and social protection systems, to make sure the transition is mutually beneficial for employers and workers. Aiming to analyse the current situation within the enterprises, it is important to know your view on the work organisation. Your opinion matters! Thank you for  the information you will provided , so the social partners can adopt appropriate policies supporting the digital transition of your enterprise. The structure of the Survey consists of 5 parts, each with up to 5 questions, dedicated to the respective issues covered by the Framework Agreement on Digitalisation. Please note that the following questions are part of the project TRANSFORMWORK VS/2021/0014. Results of the survey will be available on the project website